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Inspirational PeopLE

Each half term, all of the classes introduce a new inspirational person to their classes. Teachers are carefully linking their inspirational people to the curriculum that they are teaching in class. Every half term, the inspirational person will reflect a different subject taught, so that across the academic year, the children are introduced and knowledgeable about 6 different people who represent different subjects. 

At the beginning of the autumn term, all classes were involved in choosing their new inspirational class names.  The teachers had chosen an overarching theme for their class so that we had a variety of subjects being represented e.g. a poet, sports person, musician, scientist etc. They started this process by learning about the differences between being famous and inspirational and then had the opportunity to research different inspirational people for their chosen category. They then shortlisted their choices and had a democratic vote to decide which person their class would be named of. We wanted this process to reflect our British electoral system and demonstrate democracy in action. 

Spring 2 - Inspirational people linked to our curriculum

Autumn 1 - Inspirational class names