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SCHOOL CLOSURE (Coronavirus) 


Coronavirus Anxiety booklet

Coronavirus Books for children

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Mrs Etienne reading a story to EYFS and KS1 children Monday 30th March 2020

Mrs Etienne reading a story to EYFS and KS1 children Tuesday 31st March 2020

Mrs Etienne reading a story to EYFS and KS1 children Wednesday 1st April 2020

Mrs Etienne reading a story to EYFS and KS1 children Thursday 2nd April 2020.

Mrs Etienne reading a story to EYFS and KS1 children Friday 3rd April 2020.

For the children

On the twentieth of March, twenty-twenty,

I was told that I had to shut school,

I really did not want to close us,

But had to follow the Government’s rules. 


I knew it was going to be difficult,

And it all felt so scary and unknown,

But we made the most of our last days together,

Before I sent you all off, safely home.


We’ve still been here for a few children,

Making sure that they have a great time,

Doing things that we don’t always get time for,

In the great outdoors, under beaming sunshine.


I’ve missed you so much since you left us,

And I think of you in all that I do,

Nothing seems quite right with no children,

And I can’t wait to be reunited with you.


I miss the daily ‘hello’ and ‘welcome’,

And the big rush to all get inside,

Seeing no bags and coats hanging down on the pegs,

The corridors just feel empty and wide.


Daily phonics has stopped with your teachers,

When you learn how to read, spell and write,

The pride on you faces as you learn new words,

And knowing that you’re getting it right!


Weekly assemblies in the hall are missing,

When we gather, talk and celebrate,

Coming as one to learn and give thanks,

Award certificates to show you are great. 


Our playground is big, grey and empty,

And the field is all lonely and bare,

Your games and your chatter are missing,

Spaces are just not right now you’re not there.


I can’t hear you counting and adding,

As you learn in your daily maths time,

There’s no sorting shapes or using measuring tapes,

Or singing and chanting number rhymes.


At lunch the dining hall sits all silent,

With the trellis tables packed away,

They’ve all been cleaned, ‘til they sparkle,

For you to sit at on your return one day.


Science is not being studied,

And PE lessons are now on hold,

History and geography are waiting their turn,

And no children’s stories are being told.


Arts and crafts remain it the cupboard,

Musical instruments can’t play by themselves,

Library books sit there unopened,

Gathering dust on the wooden book shelves.


What’s still here are your wonderful workbooks,

Great displays with your work on the walls,

The photos of reading and writing,

And playing with big bats and balls.


And all the feelings I have for you are going nowhere,

It’s safely locked deep down inside,

So when all the germs have been sent far away,

You’ll be here, safely back by my side.


Mrs Etienne

Information shared with children

Letter to Parents/Carers 12th March 2020

Home Learning Additional Resources

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Dear parents and carers,

Please see below links to three stories read by a volunteer from the charity Schoolreaders, who provide free volunteers to listen to children read 1:1 at our school during term time. As the volunteers can’t come to school as normal at the moment, they have arranged for some volunteers to do reading videos instead.


Schoolreaders Storytime - 'The Ravenous Beast' by Niamh Sharkey

The ravenous beast is hungry; he’s hungry, hungry, hungry. But is he the hungriest animal of all?

Reading age: 5+

Schoolreaders Storytime - 'One is a snail, ten is a crab' by April Pulley Sayre

If one is a snail and two is a person, we must be counting by feet!

Reading age: 3+

Schoolreaders Storytime - 'This is Our House' by Michael Rosen

A book about the power of sharing. George says the cardboard house is his and no one else can share it.

Reading age: 5+

Optional activities to accompany each story can be found here

5 Ways to Wellbeing

Supporting you during the school closure

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Daily Challenges for children and parents 

Everyday a member of staff will choose a new challenge for the children to take part in that day. These are non curriculum based challenges and are optional. 

Week 1 Day 1 Mrs Etienne's physical challenges

Week 1 Day 2 Mrs Bell's creative challenge

Week 1 Day 3 Mrs Goodman's nature challenge

Week 1 Day 4 Mrs Shortland's drawing challenge

Week 1 Day 5 Mrs Clarke's skill challenge

I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major-General

I am the very model of a modern Major-General,

I've information vegetable, animal, and mineral,

I know the kings of England, and I quote the fights historical,

From Marathon to Waterloo, in order categorical;

I'm very well acquainted too with matters mathematical,

I understand equations, both the simple and quadratical,

About binomial theorem I'm teeming with a lot o' news

With many cheerful facts about the square of the hypotenuse.

Week 2 day 1 Mrs Robert's nature challenge

Week 2 day 2 Mrs Clark's physical and maths challenge

Week 2 day 3 Mrs Butler's jigsaw challenge

Week 2 day 4 Mrs Etienne's St.George's Day challenges

Week 2 day 5 Miss Bond's creative challenge

Week 3 day 1 Mrs Green's science challenge

Week 3 day 2 Mr Ring's juggling challenge

Week 3 day 3 Mrs Plunkett's 'end of lockdown' challenge

Week 3 day 4 Miss Shadbolt's creative challenge

Week 3 day 5 Miss Oakley's challenge is to learn a new skill

Week 4 Day 1 Mrs Duston's creative challenge

Week 4 day 2 Mrs Dowie's challenge is to learn a new skill

Week 4 day 3 Mrs Bunce's word making challenge

Week 4 day 4 Mrs Lee's den building challenge

Week 4 day 5 VE day challenges and activities

 VE Day activities and challenges.pdfDownload
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Week 5 day 1 Miss Bunyan's physical challenge

Week 5 day 2 Mrs Allman's physical challenge

Week 5 day 3 Mrs Gill's Creative challenge

Week 5 day 4 Miss Merry's challenge to learn a new skill

Week 5 day 5 Miss Chatman's Jar of Happiness challenge

Week 6 day 1 Mrs Robert's creative challenge. 

Week 6 day 2. Mrs Shortland's challenge. This will blow your mind!!

Week 6 day 3. Mrs Bunce's investigation

Week 6 day 4. Mrs Etienne's art challenge

Week 6 day 5. Miss Knott's bubble making machine challenge