Sports Premium Funding

The government is providing funding for primary schools for the academic year 16/17 (we will be receiving £8980) . This money aims to help schools improve the quality of PE lessons, and to increase the variety of sports offered to pupils in both lessons and extra-curricular clubs.

Here at Watton we intend to use the funding to give all our pupils opportunities to try as many different sports as possible, in both competitive and non-competitive environments. We will encourage all pupils to participate in extra-curricular sport by providing a wide range of clubs, both at lunchtimes and after school.

The funding will also enable us to further up skill our teachers, and provide them with the resources to deliver sustainable high quality PE lessons. It is important to us to support not only our less active pupils, but also those who are gifted and talented. This might be by directing them to local clubs with whom we have links or by organising for a quality assured coach to come in and run a workshop for those children.

We wish to extend our pupils by offering them the chance to compete for the school at various sporting competitions. Providing transport for these competitions will now be covered by the funding, meaning we can enter more teams and give more children this opportunity. 

 In the past we have used our Primary Funding on;

  • Transport to take pupils to sports festivals & competitions.
  • A School Sports Partnership PE Consultant, to help the school with its development plan, to train the teachers with achieving outstanding PE lessons, and training the MSAs with lunchtime supervision.
  • Two iPads and cases, to help staff and pupils evaluate their skills in lessons.
  • A qualified coach for lunchtime clubs in Cheerleading and Gymnastics.
  • Up skill the PE team.
  • More equipment, such as different types of balls and archery/Kurling/Handball equipment as requested by the pupils..
  • Extra help with the running of extra curriculum clubs.
  • Me and My software for pupil voice and auditing.
  • Easy access storage shed to keep all the equipment in for all lunchtime/after school clubs and general playground activities.
  • Saracens coach for well being week for KS2 pupils.

Impact of Funding:

  • Transport - Whole classes are able to attend events and experience different sports.
  • Foam balls - Foundation stage are able to practice catching and throwing skills safely.
  • Consultant - Teachers and MSAs are feeling competent with their new skills.
  • Clubs - We are able to offer new clubs at lunchtime and after school that all pupils are able to attend. (83% of children attended a club last year!)
  • iPads - Children are now able to evaluate their own skills and achievements in PE lessons and extra-curricular activities.
  • Coaches for extra-curricular activities - Children have access to a wider range of physical activities outside of class time.
  • CPD - Staff feel more confident in their teaching of P.E. and the leadership of the subject.